Java Properties 2 DITA plugin

Parent: DITA-OT Plugins

org.doctales.javaProperties2Dita is a DITA-OT plugin for converting Java property files to DITA. Java property files are simple key-value-files, that are converted to DITA <keyword> elements. If you have a question, go to the questions section and ask the DOCTALES team. If you have found a bug or want to request a feature, please raise an issue.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE topic PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Topic//EN" "topic.dtd">
<topic id="">
            <keyword id="key">value</keyword>


Installing the Plugin

Install the plugin to the DITA-OT with the following command:

dita --install

Installing the Framework

This step is optional. To install the XML framework, proceed as follows:

  1. In open the menu Options > Preferences.
  2. In the preferences, open Document Type Association > Locations.
  3. Add the directory of the plugin in the DITA-OT, e.g. /home/user/workspace/dita-ot/plugins/org.doctales.javaProperties2Dita.

Using the Plugin

Convert via transformation scenario

  1. Open a Java properties file in .
  2. Launch the transformation sceanrio Convert Java-Properties 2 DITA. A DITA file is created in the directory of the input file.

Convert via Apache Ant transformation scenario

  1. Import the build_javaProperties2Dita.xml to your Apache Ant build file.

  2. Call the transformation using the custom <convert-properties-to-dita> element.

    <convert-properties-to-dita input="" output="output.dita"/>