DITA Pros and Cons

The implementation of DITA may be a complex task. This section lists pros and cons to consider in your calculation before implementing DITA.

Pros Cons
  • Open Standard
  • Adopted by the big players
  • Can be used with version control systems, like Git
  • Scalability, start on file system and move to enterprise CMS later
  • DITA-OT is open source
  • Cool features (conref, keys, relationship tables, key scopes, filters)
  • Batch processing with Apache Ant
  • Can be integrated in continuous integration/delivery systems like Jenkins or Travis
  • User Groups on Google/Yahoo/LinkedIn/XING
  • Hard to learn
  • Verbose XML
  • Cannot (really) be used without buying an enterprise editor like <oXygen/> XML
  • Hard to customize (specializations)
  • Default output is ugly
  • Customizing the output is hard
  • No useful open source solution for creating webhelps
  • Only a few open source tools
  • Enterprise solutions are very expensive
  • Most important user groups are the dita-users Yahoo! Group, dita-ot-users Google Group and the oXygen XML forum.